Mandrell sees crash car
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Last month, country queen Barbara
Mandrell took her first look at the silver, 1982 Jaguar she was driving
Sept. 11, 1984, when she was injured in an auto accident.
     The front end is crumpled and the driver's side is caved in. The
steering wheel is disfigured and the panel of windshield glass rests on
the dashboard. The impact raised the hood to nearly the level of the
     "I looked inside and I can't describe it. It was very emotional There
was no place left for my legs," she said.
     The driver of the other car died.
     Mandrell suffered a severe concussion, a broken right leg, a broken
right ankle and a badly injured knee. She has a steel rod in her right leg
and she's ready to launch a concert tour once again.